Peer-delivered Intervention to Improve Retention and Polysubstance Use in Mobile Telemedicine in Rural Maryland

December 5, 2023


Jessica Magidson, PhD
University of Maryland

Sarah Kattakuzhy, MD, MPH
University of Maryland

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There is a severe shortage of providers to treat opioid use disorder (OUD), which is further exacerbated in rural areas. Similar to the shortage of prescribers, there is also a severe shortage of trained behavioral health providers to meet the needs of patients with OUD. This talk will provide an overview of a newly launched NIDA-funded R01 trial “Peer Recovery to Improve Polysubstance Use and Mobile Telemedicine Retention” (PRISM)–a randomized Type 1 hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial (n=180) to examine a peer recovery specialist-delivered behavioral intervention to improve retention and polysubstance use on a mobile telemedicine treatment unit in rural Maryland. We will describe a novel telemedicine mobile treatment unit approach to expand access to OUD treatment in hard hit rural areas, as well as how our team is integrating an evidence-based, peer-delivered behavioral activation intervention to support retention and polysubstance use outcomes.