Building expert capital through education and training

The C-DIAS Educational Programs aim to prepare the addiction research and practice community to conduct the highest quality and most innovative implementation research possible.

Based on need, C-DIAS offers a stratified range of educational opportunities with four general researcher or practitioner profiles in mind:

  1. Health systems leaders, practitioners, and early or mid-career researchers seeking a structured experience to become a leader in D&I in addiction treatment research or improvement
  2. NIH K applicants desiring to build and execute D&I aims in their research plans
  3. Addiction researchers who want to increase the translational impact of their research by making it more D&I
  4. Anyone interested in current or late-breaking findings or approaches in D&I in addiction treatment research

C-DIAS Fellowship in Addiction Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Science

The C-DIAS Fellowship in Addiction Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Science is designed for early or mid-career individuals who have a goal of using rigorous methods in D&I science to improve public access to a high quality of addiction treatment. The C-DIAS D&I Fellowship enables individuals to maintain full-time employment at their institutions while participating in the Fellowship. There is a one-week on-site experience at Stanford University (Palo Alto, California) but otherwise, the 1-year experience is remote with virtual activities.

This semi-structured, individually tailored fellowship features two tracks: 1) A research track with a goal of preparation for an NIH-funded addiction D&I research career, and 2) Learning Health Systems Track with a goal of applying D&I methods for substance use as an embedded researcher or improvement specialist. The C-DIAS Fellowship features a combination of didactics, experiential peer group-based learning, individual mentoring in D&I science in addiction, as well as professional development issues. Extensive opportunities exist for networking, becoming a member of a vast network of individuals engaged in the addiction treatment health services research and practice community, and contributing to the field. This is a curriculum-based but individualized program with monthly virtual reverse classroom hour-long lectures, monthly attendance at a C-DIAS Research Core section meeting, bimonthly Virtual Grand Rounds (live or archived) and pairing with a mentor based on topical focus. Additional opportunities include visiting their mentor’s home institution at least once, and leading a review paper or papers describing a new measure, method, design, or modeling concept.

You will be part of a small group of six C-DIAS fellows. The peer cohort experience provides ample opportunity for shared experience, networking and igniting collaborations not otherwise possible. There is no stipend for C-DIAS fellows; however, some travel expenses are covered. Upon completion of the program, fellows will receive CME/CE credits and a certificate from Stanford C-DIAS.

Applications for the 2023-2024 cohort are due on May 30th 2023.

C-DIAS Individual and Small Group Mentoring

C-DIAS Individual and Small Group Mentoring will be organized by the Center Director and is focused on an addiction D&I research program or professional development. There will be a limited number of meetings with a C-DIAS expert faculty member or members focused on specific activities, such as developing/preparing K awards or a health system transformation project, qualitative components in hybrid trials, or professional development.

C-DIAS Expert Faculty Consultation

C-DIAS Expert Faculty Consultation on dissemination & implementation (D&I) science in addiction treatment are individual meetings with a C-DIAS Faculty to provide guidance, at no cost, on topics such as but not limited to addiction D&I focused grant proposal or project preparation/development; study design; selecting and integrating conceptual D&I models and frameworks; partner and stakeholder engagement; selection and evaluation of implementation strategies; implementation methods; measures and outcomes; costing; professional development; and manuscript preparation.

C-DIAS PSMG Virtual Grand Rounds

C-DIAS PSMG Virtual Grand Rounds is a twice-monthly Zoom platform presentation by a C-DIAS Faculty, C-DIAS Fellows, or Affiliate. In partnership with the PSMG Virtual Grand Rounds, presentations will focus on current research in D&I in addiction or cutting-edge D&I methods applicable to addiction. The presentations and chat will be archived on the C-DIAS website. The grand rounds will be eligible for CME/CE credits, details to follow. Recommendations for speakers are welcomed. They can be submitted using the Contact Us form below.

Preconference Workshops


Preconference workshops will be offered at the Addiction Health Services Research annual meeting and in alternate years at CPDD and the annual NIH D&I in Health Conference. The workshops will be 3-hour sessions on special topics (e.g., evaluating implementation factors in clinical trials) and can showcase late-breaking C-DIAS developments (e.g., measures and models).