Headshot photo of Tessa Matson

Tessa Matson, PhD

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

Dr. Matson  is a Collaborative Scientist at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute. Dr. Matson’s research seeks to integrate addiction health services within primary care in patient-centered ways that reduce disparities and help patients feel valued and more informed about treatment options. She recognizes that strong partnerships with health system leaders, clinical staff, and patients are necessary to identify unhealthy substance use and improve the treatment of substance use disorders—and she is enthusiastic about engaging stakeholders in the design and implementation of these efforts.

Recent work describes gaps and potential biases in diagnosis and treatment of cannabis use disorder and validates practical tools to improve its recognition in primary care. Dr. Matson currently applies her implementation science expertise on NIDA-funded trials designed to improve the provision of care for opioid and other substance use disorders in primary care settings, including studies to promote equity in the reach of digital interventions for substance use disorders.