Headshot photo of Charles Moldow

Charles Moldow, MBA

Foundation Capital

Charles’ primary focus is on identifying technology trends and new user experiences that will change the financial services landscape. His thesis investing has him focused on fintech, insurtech, and proptech opportunities with a crypto overlay to everything he evaluates. Charles’ public portfolio includes early-stage investments that have led to notable IPOs with DOMA (IPO 2021), Rover (IPO 2021), LendingClub (IPO 2014), OnDeck (IPO 2014), and Everyday Health (2014). Notable trade sales include One Finance (Walmart JV), Finxera (PE), CoverWallet (AON), Refresh (LinkedIn), Powerset (MSFT), Xoopit (Yahoo!), CloudOn (Dropbox), Zoomer (Grubhub), and Adwhirl (Google).

A regular commentator on emerging enterprises and markets, Charles has appeared on CNBC, authored opinion pieces for top-tier tech and business publications, and in articles by USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and others. Charles has been a featured speaker at a number of conferences, including eMoney Conference and Money2020. Charles Moldow continues to build companies that change markets. He’s always on the lookout for startups working on the next generation of fintech, marketplaces, SaaS, and consumer tech solutions and services.