Headshot photo of Barbara Cimaglio

Barbara Cimaglio

Barbara Cimaglio is a national leader in the field of alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery. Throughout her career she has led state efforts to strengthen and administer systems of care in Illinois, Oregon, and Vermont. In her role as single state agency substance use disorder director in each of these states, she worked with partners at all levels of state and federal government, including many partners from other states across the nation. Most recently as Deputy Health Commissioner in Vermont, she was a key leader in the development of Vermont’s Care Alliance for Opioid Addiction (Hub & Spoke), the state’s response to the opioid crisis. During her tenure, the state’s capacity for specialized opioid treatment increased from serving 100 patients in 2004 to serving over 6000 in 2017. She also led the development of the Resiliency and Recovery-Oriented System of Care in Vermont; this community-based approach was built on the concept of local partners working together to create support for prevention, treatment, and recovery from substance use disorders. During her tenure, she supported the development of 12 local recovery centers throughout the State of Vermont, one in each local region.

Ms. Cimaglio retired in 2017 and moved home to the Chicago area. She is now serving as a consultant to the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery as Project Director for the  Access to Medication Assisted Recovery Project. This project seeks to expand resources to treat people with opioid use disorders by implementing a Hub & Spoke Model of care.